HangMan's Soliloquy

by Kid Mask

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cover by @sulfuric.shark


released February 20, 2020


all rights reserved



Kid Mask Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: PaxilGas
All to stay
Get ripped apart
Wide open
That's just how it breathes when it tears

When it kicks back
Kicks back
Fucking my head right to the stem
What your touch saps out
Ripping off the skin to the raw

Head fuzz
Vessel snap
Blood clot fill the gap till it hurts
It hurts
Track Name: hardtobreath
It gets hard to breathe
Jokes on you for following me
It gets hard to see
Jokes on you for believing in us

Might just think that I'm losing grip
That I'm losing face
Take control of this
I can't stand sipping the strands fry out my mind
Take apart to what satisfies
Sap the nectar from the spine
Think about the taste of the drip from your femoral
Track Name: sui/p0rn
Can't cry compensate with blood
Can't cry unless it's tears of red

Give into me
I'll give into you
Don't make it stop this time

I want to fucking die
I need you in my life
I take it so bad
I'm slipping up
I slipped up

Hit back
Hit back again
I want it to kill this time
Make it end this time
Track Name: LeakingThrough
You could kiss the sky if I hold you up
You could take it all tonight just trust this
You could pick a star at night, any one
I will wrap it around your neck just whisper close
You cannot tell me how this passage inside your grace
Washes over me
Think that you could do just fine, might be
But I could switch up your threshold of possibility

Your eyes heart stopping flames of vibrant green
Feeling that I get from the stench of your blood is like the
Heaven hiding in your face
I could give it to you all
Just like that
You don't need to tell me I got my eyes on you
Track Name: SafeAlarm
Break glass pull the soft alarm
Break patterns up in the brain scan
Can’t lose those thoughts keep up all night
Lick the salt off my face, then
Lose your soul in my eyes
Tempting all convention of fate
Just continue this all for
Lose grip all to shatter on the
Soft alarm

Tell me what I’m gonna do next

Break the case to my heart
It’s a glass container
Can’t you see that all the
Lies you take and I hold down and all the
thoughts you think and that’s ok with me

God how upset you to be distracted
And it’s all getting you
Track Name: HowToPreventBloodClots
Crush blood thinners by the tenfold
Hot vapors rise the flesh

Elastic band to pump the surface up
Ridge line scrape the saw tip

Break the skin is accessible
I want to cut it out now

How to stop the blood clots
To break the skin
Don’t cuck me like a blood clot
Don’t end up at the neck line
Track Name: anemic
Stop the pulse racing - choke off the end to the crux - lock the skin spiral on - rolling your head and eyes - skin breathes from paper gown - locked up inside - seeing my life pass by - what if you died - what do you need - what does it mean - to be afraid - dont want to deal wit hthis - dont want to face this stare - gazing in the mirror - black mold raise from the skin - what do you hate - do you want to see through this
Track Name: narcotics//bloodletting
Death upon us all
I can use all your hate
I can take all your lust

I don’t care anymore
There’s scabs all up in the sheets
It glistens everything
I can’t give anymore
The pity al in your stare
The hatred deep in your heart
I can taste it

The sense of belonging
I erase it
The sense of my ties
I erase it

There’s scabs all up in the sheets
It glistens everything
I can’t give anymore
The pity all in your stare
The hatred deep in your heart
Blood stains cover everything

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